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Diamond Polishing Pads For Granite, Marble, Quartz & Concrete...

What should you look for in a Diamond Polishing Pad?

Diamond Polishing Pads Consistency

Diamond Polishing Pads Quality

Diamond Polishing Pads Bond

Diamond Polishing Pads Price

Polishing pads are the life blood of the stone fabrication business. That's why not just any polishing pad will do. 

All of our pads use state of the art technology.

Technology like…

Quality diamonds… proprietary resins and bonds… and a one of a kind manufacturing process -- that's the key to great pads. 

And great pads save you time and money over cheap pads manufactured in China and sold off the back of a tool truck. 

Our diamond polishing pads are made in Korea under strict quality control standards using high quality, multi-angled, coated diamonds. 

These coated diamonds bond strongly with our proprietary resins to give pads longer life. Plus, the carefully selected multi-angled diamonds give faster polishing speed. 

Finally, each grit has a unique bond designed to optimize diamond performance and life of the pad.

Since we opened our doors to the stone fabrication industry we've steadily increased the quality and decreased the cost of polishing pads.

The result is that every pad on this page is the highest dollar for dollar value in the market place… GUARANTEED. As always, the BEST tools for your shop, at the BEST price!  

Braxton-Bragg also offers Back-Up Pads, Sandpaper and Antiquing Brushes manufactured to the highest quality standards.