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Small Diamond Blades (Up To 10")

We GUARANTEE Every Blade on this page...

We're so confident in the quality of these blades that we'll GUARANTEE your satisfaction for 30 days.

If you don't love them, we'll buy them back from you.

These blades were designed and manufactured under strict quality controls  specifically for the tough job you do everyday:cutting natural and man-made stones. 

Most of these blades can be used dry or wet; Click on a picture to the left to see a description with more information including the recommended RPM.

Need a wet stone saw?

Click on the picture below for one of our favorites...

Wet Stone Saw

SAFETY TIP: Braxton-Bragg also offers the Fabricator's Friend Bullet Proof Apron with many excellent features, including protection from flying stone particles. Ceck it out by clicking on the picture below...

Bullet Proof Apron

Other Tool You Might Need: Small Diamond Blades are typically used on a grinder or a wet stone saw.