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Elipse Polishing System
For Granite, Marble And Quartz

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Live Demonstration of Elipse Polishing System at StonExpo 2016

The Most Advanced Polishing System Since…EVER!

Introducing the elipse Polishing System with Exclusive TrifectaMate Technology and Revolutionary elipse Backer Pad

Elipse puts a new spin on polishing. A spin that allows you to save as much as $2 per foot on production costs.


Elipse combines TrifectaMate Pad Technology with the genius of one of the stone industry’s finest minds, Barry Brandt, and the efficiency of elliptical patterned orbital polishing backer pad.

This breakthrough combination allows you to harness the power of elliptical motion without losing the center water feed vital for stone polishing.

The result is a nearly perfect polish with less physical pressure and less manipulation of the hand-held polisher.

In other words, you get a better polish with less effort from your polishing craftsman (50-80% less human energy needed).

The combination of cutting edge engineering, manufacturing and labor reduction is the reason we can confidently say you’ll save up to $2 per foot on your production costs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For use with Elipse Backer Pad ONLY - Water feed will be blocked if used with standard back-up pad.