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Raimondi Power Mixer

Raimondi Power Mixer

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Raimondi Jobsite Power Mixer (MXJPM)

Specs: 23-5/8" x 19-5/8" x 30-5/8", 12 Gal., 66 RPM, 75 Lbs.

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Country of origin: Italy

Our Price: $990.00  

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Perfect Consistency WITHOUT Air Pockets

Introducing the Raimondi Jobsite Power Mixer

This low RPM mixer is ideal for mixing your grout, thin set, or mud bed mix at the proper speed, with the blade folding the mixture instead of whipping, preventing air pockets from entering into the mixture.

The unique fixed blade design mixes by rotating the bucket rather than the paddles, allowing you to safely adjust the mix without stopping the mixer. The motor is located beneath the metal shroud, ensuring the unit is balanced at all times and prevents contact with the motor or gears.


  • Mix while getting other tasks done
  • Mix at manufacturer specs
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • For mixing tile adhesives, thinsets, mortar for plasters, quartz plasters, concrete and etc..
  • Production capacity 50 lbs - 100 lbs
  • Mixing at low RPMs does not entrap air and provides a homogenous mix
  • Fixed paddle, rotating bucket. This system provides a higher level of operator safety and allows the operator to check the mix quality while mixing
  • Gear ratio of motor to bucket 25 ÷ 1
  • Supplied with: two buckets (45 lt/12 gal), standard mixing blade, hex key, user and maintenance manual