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Viper Floor Maintenance Pads - Compare To Twister

Maintenance Made Easy Thanks to Daily Cleaning... With Diamonds? YES! 

NEW! Viper Diamond-Impregnated Floor Pads Allows Daily Cleaning To Nearly Eliminate the Need for Expensive Extra Maintenance

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Maintenance Pad Guide

Wouldn't it be incredible if your daily cleaning routine actually eliminated your need for time-consuming, periodic maintenance?

Imagine, the same process... the same routine as you now use for daily cleaning and yet, your maintenance gets done automatically at the same time.

Sound too good to be true? Sound expensive?

Well, it's true and it's economical too.

PLUS... these pads fit all cleaning machines and all you need is water - just like your current daily cleaning routine. But the results you get are outstanding.

Like Twister at a lower cost...

If you’re used to using Twister floor pads, the pads from Viper are very comparable, at a significantly lower price, saving you even more money!

The Viper Floor Maintenance Pads are so easy to use with your existing floor machines. That means cleaning and restoring the shine to a floor can be accomplished with a few passes. 

Keeping It Simple - Why Buy and Stock Up to 10 Pads When These 3 get the Job Done!?

Thanks to the most up to date technology and testing, you can accomplish 80% or more of your cleaning and maintenance with just these three Viper pads:

The White 800 Grit Pad is the equivalent of the Twister Step 1 White Pad used for cleaning the floor with water only. If a more aggressive scrubbing is needed, just make additional passes over the same area.

The Yellow 1,500 Grit Pad is the equivalent of the Twister Step 2 Yellow Pad used for daily cleaning routines.

The Green 3,000 Grit Pad is the equivalent of the Twister Step 3 Green Pad used for continued floor cleaning. Used daily, it will maintain the cleanliness and shine of the floor with just water.

If at any time, the pad being used is insufficient, drop down to the lower grit pad for a few passes to be a little more aggressive on the surface.

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