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Safety & Dust Control

It's a Must. Control the Dust!

FINALLY, You can get quality Dust Control & Safety Equipment at the same place you get all your other fabrication supplies...

Stone and concrete dust control is required in the fabrication shop and on the job site. Braxton-Bragg carries the tools engineered for the type of dust created by the stone fabrication process.

By attaching Dust Collection Muzzles to concrete hand grinders in combination with the high-powered vacuum systems, the amount of dust generated can be greatly reduced. Meaning it does not end up in the work area - or in your team's lungs.

Consider this proven dust reduction solution...

Used together, the Novatek Novair Air Filtration System and Dust Muzzles and our line of Dustless Vacuum Cleaners filters and cleans the air in your shop with amazing results.

Safety Gear...

We also offer a complete line of safety equipment.

Equipment like Hearing & Eye Protection and Protective Clothing to keep you dry from head to toe thanks to our line of aprons and boots.

And it's not just about safety, it's about comfort too. After all, just because you work with water, does not mean you have to be uncomfortable. And let's face it, a comfortable worker is a more effecient worker.