Hercules VS Wet Side Exhaust Air Polisher

Hercules VS Wet Side Exhaust Air Polisher

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MFR Item #BB-Q6

Speed RPM4500

Thread Size5/8"-11

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Hercules Q6 Wet Air Polishers

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Sales prove Hercules Variable Speed Air Polishers are a fabricators favorite time and time again...

The Hercules Variable Speed Polishers are our top selling air polishers. The Hercules Rear Exhaust Air Polisher is a rear discharge version of The Hercules Side Exhaust Air Polisher.

Both of the tools have five specialized bearings to increase tool performance.

These machines are economical, dependable and will surpass your expectations.

90-Day Warranty!
Back-up pads are sold separately and come in a variety of designs and shapes.

To make sure that the polishers function properly, please remember to put a little bit of Air Tool Oil in them periodically for maintenance.

Keep your air polisher working!

Fabricator Tips:

  • To lubricate the Hercules Variable Speed Wet Side Exhaust Air Polisher (#3803), pour a tablespoon of lubricant into air inlet #13.
  • To lubricate the Hercules VS Wet Rear Exhaust Air Polisher  (#3866), pour a tablespoon of lubricant into air inlet #58.
  • After the lubricant is added to the polisher and after connecting it with an air compressor, operate the tool at low speed for a while to allow proper part lubrication. The air polishers should be drained of water after every use and allowed to dry when not in use. If the polisher is left with water still inside, it may promote corrosion of the internal parts prematurely; thus shortening tool’s life and proper operation.

Notice: To remove the water/air fitting(s) from the back of the polisher, peel the rubber back and apply heat to loosen thread lock adhesive and gently turn the fitting.