Elipse Aluminum Oscillating Back-Up Pad, 4-1/4"

Elipse Aluminum Oscillating Back-Up Pad, 4-1/4"

Country of origin
United States


MFR Item #SP148


Speed RPM5000

Thread Size5/8"-11

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  • Alpha
  • Terminator
  • Blick
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Elipse Aluminum Oscillating Back-Up Pad, 4-1/4"

One-of-a-Kind Back-Up Pad for THE One-of-a-Kind Elipse Polishing System.

Introducing the Elipse Back-Up Pad - a revolutionary new spin on polishing for the stone industry. What makes the patented Elipse backer pad so unique?

A couple things...

  • It is machined aluminum technology made on a CNC machine from one solid piece of aluminum. That means no welds and...
  • It is precision balanced when used with matching Elipse pads. And when we say precisely balanced.. we mean even down to the diamond weight on the pads. Plus...
  • Offset center water feed that allows the orbital motion AND water feed.

What you end up with is a powerfully effective polishing motion that requires less effort and less time than any other pad in the history of polishing pads... and savings in production costs of up to $2 per foot.

Warning: The Elipse back-up pad is designed and engineered to be used exclusively with Elipse pads.