Elipse 3-Step Diamond Granite Dry Polishing Pads

Elipse 3-Step Diamond Granite Dry Polishing Pads


Uses: Granite, Engineered Stone
Type: Dry or Wet


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Elipse 3-Step Diamond Granite Dry Polishing Pads, 4-1/4"

Simply The BEST Job Site Pad Anywhere...

The star of the 2016 StonExpo show, the elipse system is the new standard in polishing technology. And the 3-Step is the best, fastest and most effective jobsite pad on the market today. Period.

It's all thanks to a hat-trick of manufacturing genius:

  • ONE... The precision engineered elipse backer pad
  • TWO... Braxton Bragg's proprietary TrifectaMate Technology ensuring the best diamonds and best performing pads on the planet.
  • THREE... A revolutionary new spin on polishing that uses the power and effectiveness of orbital motion (something no one believed possible due to the need for a center water feed).

In other words...

Just like manned flight, space travel, the 4 minute mile and other "impossible" breakthroughs, the elipse polishing system has completely re-written the rules of what's possible in polishing stone.

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