Diamond Elite Rebate Program

We are very appreciative and happy to have such wonderful Rockheads and Artisan Group partners doing business with us year after year. In appreciation of the long partnerships we have, we’d like to give some of the money that you’ve spend with us back to you. Use that money for whatever you need at your facility. You can reinvest that money into your fabrication shop, buy more supplies, or maybe even take a vacation. It’s your choice!

The program is very easy to follow and you really don’t have to do anything special to be a part of it. As soon as you create and account with us on this website, you’ll be able to see where you stand within the dashboard of your account. We had also implemented a visual gauge that roughly indicates how much of your hard earned cash you’ve spent with us in a given year. (Please be reassured that all of this information is secure and held private. We do not share it with anyone outside of our company.)

Rockheads Group

Artisan Group

The gauge will display where you are currently, based on the amount you spend with us in a given year from January to December. You can reach a new rebate tier with a higher percentage rate as you purchase your supplies from us.

The more you buy, the more you get back later!

Have a look at the examples below. At the end of the year, we will mail you a rebate check for the appropriate tier you’ve reached in a given year.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU! for buying your supplies and doing business with us!

If your Net Purchases reach $25,000+, you qualify for the Bronze Tier.
You'll recieve 2.00% back.

If your Net Purchases reach $50,000+, you qualify for the Silver Tier.
You'll recieve 2.50% back.

If your Net Purchases reach $100,000+, you qualify for the Gold Tier.
You'll recieve 3.00% back.