Viper CNC Profile Wheels

When in need of CNC Tools, trust Viper CNC!

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  1. Viper 120mm A-30 R15 Radius
  2. Viper 120mm A-30 R5 Radius
  3. Viper 120mm B-30 R30 Demi Bullnose
  4. Viper 120mm E-30 Bevel
  5. Viper 120mm FG-30 Ogee Bullnose
  6. Viper 120mm FZ-30 Ogee Straight
  7. Viper 120mm T-20 R3 Double Eased
  8. Viper 120mm T-30 R3 Double Eased
  9. Viper 120mm T-30 R6 Double Eased
  10. Viper 120mm V-30 R15 Full Bullnose
  11. Viper 120mm Z-30 Straight
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It's a FACT, Fabricators Are Making the Switch to Viper CNC Tooling...

Viper CNC Tooling is the only CNC tooling system featuring a 6mm layer of diamonds on each profile wheel, including the polishing steps, ensuring the longest tool life in the industry - and at a price that can't be beat.

The Viper CNC Tooling system features seven steps - 5 metal and 2 ceramic polishing steps. This allows you to complete the job faster than any other CNC system in the stone industry.

All of our CNC tooling is accompanied by data sheets with complete set-up information including pre-calibrated setting parameters, detailed operating information, and maintenance instructions.

All tools are carefully balanced and inspected by strict quality control standards. All CNC profiles are produced with a standard 35mm bore.


  • Seven step system
  • Diamond layered technology
  • Longest tool life
  • Faster because of uniform diamonds and hardness of bond
  • All profile wheels are balanced & carefully inspected
  • Standard 35mm bore

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!