Braxton-Bragg Live Chat

Braxton-Bragg Live Chat

In an effort to enhance our world-class service and your overall user experience, Braxton-Bragg has launched a “BB Live Chat” feature on our website. It’s already available for you to use.

Advantages of BB Live Chat?

  • Ask our sales agent(s) a question, without having to call
  • Can’t find something? No problem. We can direct you to where a product is located on our website
  • We can also pass a file to you, like a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) if it’s missing from our website
  • It’s always active, even after business hours. We’ll get notified with a new ticket about your request and respond to you as soon as we can or the very next day
  • It’s monitored throughout the day. If one Support Agent becomes unavailable for whatever reason, the conversation will be automatically transferred to the next available agent, so that you get the fastest responses
  • We have our entire Sales Team of trained professionals monitoring it every day to better serve YOU!

BB Live Chat

Try it! You may like it!