Akemi Colored Adhesive Cartridges, 50+ Colors

Akemi Colored Adhesive Cartridges, 50+ Colors

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Akemi Colored Adhesive Cartridges

Akemi Colour-Matching System:

The colour-coordinated complete system for engineered stone is made of the Akemi Colour Bond (2-component adhesive in cartridges) and the special silicone Akemi Composil (1-K-resistant sealant). These two products are both in technical terms the best match for Engineered Stone as well as its huge color selection of over 50 colors adapted to the stones of the leading manufacturers.

Colour Bond

The 2-component adhesive cartridge based on epoxy acrylate is best suitable for bonding Engineered Stone (Engineered Marble, Engineered Quartz, others composite stone).

Pre-coloured, gel-like 2-component epoxyacrylate-based adhesive in different colours, high bonding power, very fast surface drying and processability.

For the fast, simple and reliable attainment of invisible joints for Engineered Stone and natural stone. The more than 50 Colour Bond colours are identical to those of the 1-component sealant Composil (same colour codes) for expansion and connection joints on composite stone (Akemi Color Matching System).


  • Very good workable because of very smooth, slightly gel-like consistency, does not form filaments
  • Very fast hardening (15 – 40 minutes)
  • Very good surface drying
  • Excellently polishable
  • Easy dosing and mixing by using the cartridge system
  • No sag
  • Less odor
  • Wide colour palette available – more than 50 colours - for a seamless bonding of many Engineered Stone types
  • Improved protection against yellowing
  • Very good adhesion on Engineered Stone as well as on natural and a artificial stones also at higher temperatures (60–70°C, in case of low exposure to strain: 100–110°)
  • Resistant to water, petrol and mineral oils - after hardening the product is harmless to health upon contact with food products

Color charts for the different composite stones of all renowned manufacturers (e.g. Silestone, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, Technistone, Quarella, Cambria, Okite, Compac, Diresco, Hanstone etc.)