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Saws & Fabrication Equipment

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The Raptor Saw Benefits

When it comes to Saws and Fabrication Equipment, Braxton Bragg has you covered!

We sell saws for small jobs, as well as saws for big jobs that will perform and last in the stone industry. We have a complete line of saws, i.e. The Renegade Bridge Saw from RYE Corp., from Omega Diamond their Blue Ripper Rail Saw and the smaller version Blue Ripper Junior. We also carry Diamond Product’s Fast-Cut SLR High Speed Hand Saw, as well as the newest Raptor Portable Saw with water base that delivers up to 30% more durability and power than some of the competition.

Whatever your needs, we have it to do the job.

If you’re looking for a great machine to profile an edge, check out The Edgemate 100, which is gaining popularity among fabricators all over the country. The Fab King Work Center is also the best granite fabrication station money can buy!

The product technology we offer runs the gamut from advanced computer-controlled bridge saws to rail saws. The common thread is quality and all of our saws are the best in their class.

Controlling dust and water pollution are critical in stone shops. We offer a range of equipment including the super-efficient and compact Novair Negative Air Machines. Our sales manager says that this machine is awesome! He claims it will suck the writing off a chalk board, so check it out!

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