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Stone Pro Seam Vise

Stone Pro Seam Vise

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Stone Pro Seam Vise Set thumbnail 37303

Stone Pro Seam Vise Set

(4) Seam Vise Brackets
(2) Carriage Bolts w/ Nuts
(4) 3/4" Leveling Bolts

Note: T-31 Anchor Bolts or other fastening plugs or bolts are not included, but are available from Braxton-Bragg.

StonePro Seam Vise Diagram

Country of origin: United States

  Our Price: $19.95
Stone Pro Seam Vise Dishwasher Plate thumbnail 37302

Stone Pro Seam Vise Dishwasher Plate

Note: This product provides a flat plate after seam is complete to allow full diswasher access.

Country of origin: United States

MSRP: $2.95 Our Price: $1.49

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Stone Pro Seam Vise video

Stone Pro Seam Vise Animated Demonstration

Have You Tried This Fabricator Favorite?

The Seam Vise from Stone Pro can easily eliminate costly and frustrating call-backs due to seam failure.

How easy is it?

As Easy as 1, 2, 3... 

  • Step 1- Install Seam Vise to underside of counter
  • Step 2- Use height adjustment to create a level seam
  • Step 3- Use carriage bolt to permanently join seams

Save Time, Save Money

At $4.00 a gallon for gas, you literally can't afford to send a truck across town to take care of a failing seam. Add to that the time for a couple guys to go out, and now your talking serious cash. It can kill the profit on a job you thought was all zipped up. Now, thanks to a brand new product by Stone Pro, you'll never have to go back and repair a seam again.

Brand New Design
The new simplistic design is unmatched by any conventional seamer on the market today. It's not only the most cost-effective, but also the strongest seamer on the market.

Quicker Seam Clean-up
It's also the most versatile, adjustable and user-friendly tool with the installer in mind. And because it is mounted on the under side of the countertop, it allows 100% unobstructed working surface to clean the seam. No more trying to navigate around a suction cup design.

Finally, unlike any other seamer on the market, this is a mechanical anchor left in place during and after the gluing process, keeping everything right where you left it... forever.

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