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Lavina S-Series Machines & Tooling

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Lavina S-Series Machines & Tooling video

Surface Prep & Concrete Polishing - Part 1

Lavina S-Series Machines & Tooling video

Surface Prep & Concrete Polishing - Part 2

Lavina Floor Polishing Machines are planetary movement machines featuring 3 or 6 heads. The grinding and polishing tools touch the rim of the skirt, so the only distance between the tools and the edge of the working surface is 5mm (width of the skirt). Most other machines have a two inch gap. The small 5mm distance keeps operators from having to do the edges by hand or with an additional machine, thus saving them time and money.

Manufacturered by Superabrasive, Lavina Floor Polishing Machines have recently been updated with improvements and new features. This company is always looking for ways to make the experience of the customers more enjoyable when working with Lavina machines. The S-series is the next generation and comes from implementing much of the constrictive feedback from customers and their own R & D, to produce the most advanced Lavina systems to date. Ask about the improvements to the new S-series Lavinas – Braxton-Bragg is the distributor that can get these machines to you, at the lowest price!

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