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Grout Grabber

Grout Grabber
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RTC Products Grout Grabber Kit (With 1 Blade)

Country of origin: China

  Our Price: $13.95

RTC Products Grout Grabber Carbide Blade

Country of origin: China

  Our Price: $5.95
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The Raimondi Grout Grabber tool removes sanded grout with ease and accommodates any joint size ranging from 1/8" to 1/2" by simply adding or subtracting replacement blades.

The blade’s unique curved bottom easily gets the removal started and it works great for removing thinsets as well.


  • Complete re-grout
  • Remove cracked grout
  • Change grout color
  • Repair broken tile
  • Restoration work
  • Removal of excess thinset

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