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Adhesives, Silicone, Caulk & Tints

Braxton-Bragg carries a variety of stone adhesives to meet your needs. If you have questions, call one of our sales reps and discuss your application. We also have access to chemists to help with unusual requirements.

We offer polyester, both knife grade and flowing as well as both types of epoxy. We also have acrylic adhesives and instant bond adhesives.

Need to tint your adhesive? We've got the products to make your seam almost invisible!

has all of the little accessories that you may also need in addition to the Adhesives. Below is a list of items that may be useful:

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Note: Although it is common, adding extra of part B (hardener) as the temperature gets cooler is not recommended. It does accelerate the cure a bit, but it completely compromises the strength of the epoxy. Epoxies are different from polyester adhesives. With polyester adhesives you can make it cure faster, without drastically compromising bond strength, by adding extra B. However, you should not do the same with an epoxy. With epoxy, it is critical to get the right mix ratio to get the proper strength, so do not add extra of part B. This is because the epoxy cures entirely different than the way polyester adhesive cure.

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