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Core Bits & Drill Bits

When choosing the right core bit for the job, you have to ask yourself - Wet or Dry?  Dry core bits are designed to operate at higher RPMs than wet core bits. The higher speed keeps the core bit cooler by letting more air circulate around it as it spins. All dry core bits sold by Braxton-Bragg can be used wet by simply reducing the RPM. It’s a great advantage to use dry core bits wet, because it prolongs their life– which saves you money on overall tooling costs.

Great quality products, cheaper – Save Big with Braxton-Bragg!

To get the best performance and longevity out of any core bit, please read and follow the manufacturer's RPM recommendations. If you run any core bit at an inappropriate speed you will greatly reduce its useful life.

Braxton-Bragg sells only the highest quality stone tools. We have Premium brands, Cost-saving brands and everything in-between. Whatever your stone shop needs, we have the product that will fit and best of all – we sell them at the lowest price on the market.

Try Specialty Super Cluster Cup Wheels

Specialty Super Cluster Cup Wheels

Do you need to drill small holes in porcelain, glass or granite tile?  Look no further. RTC’s ProBits are the best drill bits that we have found for these materials.

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